Teammates 'respect' Morris Claiborne's apology

Cornerback Morris Claiborne owed his teammates after going AWOL.

“They understand just as much as I do, but I felt that I had to apologize to those guys,” said Claiborne, who delivered the apology before Wednesday morning’s meetings. “My apology went to nobody but those guys, those guys that’s in this locker room with me and it don’t go outside the locker room, because I let those guys down by leaving yesterday.

“I could have been here getting some work, but they understand what went on as well. But it is what it is.”

It is something Claiborne’s teammates can’t excuse, but they are willing to move on and want to focus on preparing for Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints.

“I’m OK with just trying to move past it,” said linebacker Justin Durant, a defensive captain. “It’s a tough situation. At the same time, he’s a man. He handled it the way he did. He came back, he realized what was wrong and he apologized. So I’ve got to respect that.”

The Cowboys can empathize with how Claiborne felt when he was informed he lost the starting job to Orlando Scandrick for the second consecutive season, even though they didn’t like how he initially handled the situation.

“We are like a family,” Scandrick said. “We all support him. We all went through tough times. I’m sitting here in front of this camera as someone who has been benched before after a game in my second year in the league. I know how that feels.”

Added quarterback Tony Romo: “It’s a very emotional, physical game that sometimes can get the best of anyone. I think Mo cares a lot. I think it was something he probably wishes he would have made a different decision. In saying that, he’s a good teammate and he works hard and he’s going to help our football team a lot this year.”

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