Allen Hurns 'frustrated' not involved more by Cowboys

Allen Hurns has something he'd like to get off his chest.

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Signed to a two-year, $2.5 million contract this past spring, the veteran wide receiver likely selected less money to join the Dallas Cowboys. He had several teams set to visit with him during his free agency tour, including the generous New York Jets, but opted to bring his talents to the Metroplex instead. Initially believing he'd play opposite All-Pro talent Dez Bryant, Hurns made it clear he looked forward to doing so, but Bryant was released in mid-April and eyes immediately turned to Hurns as the potential successor. Despite drafting rookie Michael Gallup with the third-overall pick, it was Hurns with the NFL stripes and a pro bowl nod under his belt, two things that were supposed to come in handy in a pivotal year for quarterback Dak Prescott.
Through his first three games with the club, however, he's been targeted only nine times and has a total of 51 receiving yards on four receptions.
“The majority of my snaps, I feel like I can get separation,” Hurns said, via Calvin Watkins of The Athletic. “You will get frustrated, that’s part of it. The main thing for me is just staying positive in the head and control what I can. I can’t let that affect how I am.
"If I let it affect how I am then I won’t be getting open and I will be dropping the ball when it does come my way.”
The entire passing attack for the Cowboys is nothing short of stalled at the moment, currently ranked 31st in the NFL and lacking a true No. 1 receiver to stretch the opposing defense. This was to be the task of Hurns, primarily, and to a lesser degree -- veteran Deonte Thompson. While the latter has begun to improve ever-so-slightly, the same can't be said for Hurns, who continues to struggle in locating his fit with the Cowboys.
“It’s frustrating for sure,” he admitted. “It’s just getting to the point, especially when we [haven’t] thrown for 200 yards yet, it’s kinda frustrating. We won the second game, fortunately, but to win in this league you have to pass for some yardage. It’s frustrating, plus I’d like to be implemented more, be more involved more.
"Fortunately, when you’re winning, it’s not a problem at all. But when you got games when you’re losing, it’s kinda tough. It’s tough on you. It comes down to you keeping that faith that things will get on track and control what you can.”
The re-signing of Brice Butler doesn't bode well for those who can be jettisoned going forward, and Hurns is in that pot. Releasing him would only yield a dead money hit of $1.25 million, but save them $3.13 million toward the salary cap. It's a much more financially favorable situation than Terrance Williams, whom the Cowboys remain tethered to regardless of if a suspension lands following his arrest for public intoxication this spring. Should Williams be penalized by the NFL, the team could void his guaranteed money but cutting him would allow him to invoke a termination pay clause -- per the Collective Bargaining Agreement -- that could see the vested veteran still walking away with over $3 million in pay.
Neither Hurns nor Williams is producing right now, but it's the latter holding the knife.
Hurns' comments come only months after Bryant virtually said the same thing on the heels of a disappointing 9-7 finish that included a continued inability to scheme him open, mentioning how he'd have a conversation with the Cowboys' coaching staff -- mainly offensive coordinator Scott Linehan -- about how it all could improve going forward. There was also Ryan Switzer, who voiced frustration over wanting to be utilized more in the offensive attack. The comments led to Switzer being traded and the end for Bryant, and now hearing the comments from Hurns -- as equally well-intended as they may be -- could lead to history repeating itself.
The irony is, all three of them were/are spot on.
As much as the Cowboys have proclaimed to not need a No. 1 wideout, bucking both conventional NFL wisdom and smart football minds who advised them otherwise, they now find themselves trying to figure out which one on their current roster can be one -- after jettisoning the one they had in tow. It's nothing short of messy right now, but Hurns believes he can be the mop in the situation.
That is, if Linehan doesn't break out the broom first.
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