Breakdown: Vikings Vs. Cowboys

Put an X on Em

Put an X on Sean Lee, after the way this defense collapsed last week it has to step up Sunday. We're playing a bad team and this team (defense especially) needs to prove something after Detroit. They need to prove they are better than what we saw last week. General Lee needs to be a leader and bring the defense that played Philly to the game and not the one that played Detroit.

The way I see it: I'm not sure if an analyst said this or a member of the Cowboys said it but before the Lions game a quote was said that this game is going to be a turning point. Whoever made the statement meant that in a win, but this same statement can be applied to a loss. Nothing has been right since the Denver game. It seems as if this team no longer has an identity. I think most of us are fine with the fact that Garrett wants us to be a passing team but this offense has looked sluggish for the past two weeks.

If this team even dreams of making the postseason something has to change. It's going to be interesting to see how this team handled themselves with the loss of Brian Waters at right guard. DeMarco Murray is coming back but with the loss of Waters it will be interesting to see how much we run Sunday. If we decide to use Murray he needs to be the war horse he was last season, not this shell of a running back we have seen in all games except against St. Louis.

As far as our defense is concerned. This is a game where we need to dare Christian Ponder to beat us. The last thing we need is to be that team that Adrian Peterson ran for 200+ yard on.

Keys to the game:

1. Romo needs to spread the ball around more this week. Romo completed only 14 passes last week and no one caught more than 3 balls. There are 4 if not 5 capable players that can be difference makers to this team. Romo has got to complete passes early and often.

2. My first point was going to be to get DeMarco Murray 15+ touches. But on 2nd thought I changed my mind because he is coming off of injury. However if this kid is gonna get hurt he's gonna get hurt. He said at the beginning of the season he was gonna play the full 16 games this season. We see that can't be the case so we might as well ride this pony as long as he's healthy.

3. 8 is the magic number that the defense needs to obtain. 8 combined takeaways and sacks. We need pressure on the Vikings QB in the worst way and having a combined total number sacks and turnovers equaling 8 is what we need to get confidence back to the defense.
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