Cowboys' Jason Witten loves playing with Dez Bryant

When NFL Films released footage of Dez Bryant's sideline rantings, we were given a different picture of what the Dallas Cowboys receiver was going on about in Sunday's 31-30 loss to the Detroit Lions.

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Dez was seen talking strategy with Tony Romo -- not berating him -- and while the tape didn't include Bryant's conversation with Jason Witten, the veteran tight end says it wasn't a me-first soliloquy.

"There's nobody I love playing with more on Sundays than Dez," Witten told KTCK-AM on Tuesday, per The Dallas Morning News.

Witten and Bryant were seen jawing at each other after the Lions punched in the game-winning touchdown with 12 seconds left; a confrontation that required pass rusher DeMarcus Ware to step in and part the waters.

"I was just reminding him there at the end there was still hope, still a chance and that he kind of just needed to let it go and let's get focused back on these final few seconds," Witten said. "Wasn't about getting (Bryant) the ball ... that's not what kind of guy he is ... that's why we love him."

Bryant, this week, called his relationship with Romo and Witten "huge," saying, "on and off the field, it's outstanding."

His sideline antics made for good television, but Bryant's play has kept Dallas in the driver's seat of the NFC East and earned him the respect of the locker room.

The Cowboys aren't overreacting to Sunday's outburst, and neither are we. Time to let this matter die.
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