5 Things we learning about the Cowboys in the Vikings win

5. A win is not necessary a win.

When a division leader has to beat a 1-6 team in the last possession with under 3 minutes in the game there is a problem. There is a lasting saying that I recall Deion Sanders saying about this team about 2 or 3 years ago which still applies. He said that "The Cowboys just don't know how to put a team away". Not only should the Vikings should have NEVER been in this game but this game should have been over after the Jason Witten touchdown. This team doesn't have a killer instinct, this is why what happen last week did. But I digress and will stay on the Vikings. A win is a win but teams that are your inferior should be treated as such.

4. B.W Webb is a way better player in the slot. We saw this rookie get burned most of pre-season but has had to play a little more in the last two games. He hasn't been stellar but it's good to see that he can hold his own covering slot receivers. The big play he gave up was a crossing route that works 95 percent of the time no matter who is covering it. The Vikings put Jennings at slot to get the match-up against Webb but outside of that catch Webb held it down. Also Webb got a little pressure on Ponder on a few plays not bad for a slot corner.

3. Brian Waters made no difference at all. Waters wasn't going to the pro bowl and this line got Romo sacked with him and Romo got sacked without him. Please don't tell me the reason why the Cowboys ran 9 times was because of Waters' injury. We don't run the ball and we're not going to. I can admit that so I'm sick of everyone complaining about it. This is who we are love us or hate us.

2. Jarius Wynn is balling. In a aftermarket post following the Washington win Wynn's signing was shown at the time. I didn't think this kid would get significant time. Not only is he getting it, he is making the most of it. He was only credited with one tackle but he finished Ponder off on the Selvie sack, Hayden fumble. This kid isn't having a great game as stats go but he has been key in the defenses key plays and turnovers.

1. I have a feeling we will play UP to New Orleans. I secretly questioned would be play down to the Vikings. Sunday came and it seems as tho we did. We are not a good enough team to think we can just turn it on and turn it off at will but this team does seem to play to the level of competition. Next week if we are behind or not Romo will come up big no matter what position we are in. Romo will have a HUGE game next week. Whether we win or lose will be the question.
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