Breakdown: Cowboys vs. Eagles

Put an X on em'

Put an X on: The band of brothers or band of misfits as they've also been called. George Selvie, Jason Hatcher, Nick Hayden and Kyle Wilber have to step up for the Cowboys. The situation we are in on the defensive front sucks but in the NFL the term "Next man up" Is often overused but it is true here. We have seen most of these players make key plays throughout the season but how will they hold up without DeMarcus Ware.

The way I see it:  two bad defenses (on paper) bring the opportunity for a shootout, We don't expect this game to be a shootout do we? A one sided shoot out maybe. Even though we didn't see the same Dallas offense we saw against the Broncos play against Washington, there were not that many opportunities for an explosion. DeWayne Harris' punt return touchdown and 2 other possessions gave Dallas the ball within the red zone. Expect this Cowboys team to get back to the explosion. With DeMarco Murray out and Joseph Randle getting the starting nod, forgot about rushing the ball. I will be surprised if we rush more than 13 times through the entire game.

What we should expect is Beasley getting a lot more touches in the slot and a lot of Jason Witten pending Philly throws safety help on Bryant and Williams.

Keys to the game

1. 2 Sacks 2 turnovers. The last time we played Nick Foles' this team came up big. Sometimes a game like the one we had with him can stick in a players head. We must make it clear early in this ball game that we can confuse Foles, show him different looks and placing him in bad situations to pass out of.

2. Joseph Randle must get the most of his touches. I still don't expect us to the run the ball a great deal. With the carries and even passes that Randle gets he has to make the most out of them.

3. Attacking this Eagles defense. With Murray out and the way we performed 2 weeks ago I think we all expect Romo to play a "bombs away" type of game. Romo has to be aggressive against this defense and get the Cowboys up early.
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