The Aftermarket: Cowboys Vs. Eagles

You have to find different ways to win every week in the NFL. Last week it was special teams, this week it was defense. If you're not a Cowboys fan you wouldn't have known the front four on the defensive line were not starters. You wouldn't know Terrance Williams was a rookie. All you saw was a team playing together.
We said in the breakdown that we must adopt that cliche "next man up" mentality. The way George Selvie played collecting 1.5 sacks, 3 tackles and 2 QB hits you wouldn't have known Selvie spent his most of the offseason playing Call of Duty Black Ops II instead of being in an OTA like most players. The most important thing the defense did was stop Shady McCoy.

In the keys to the game I didn't add stopping McCoy. Simply because I didn't think this would be a thing this defense could have done. I did say that this defensive line has to come up big and they did with 3 sacks and 5 tackles for loss. This also helped the defensive backfield with 3 interceptions with their own (which should have been 5 btw).

In the losses versus the Chiefs, Chargers and Broncos a lot of folks have been hard on these corners and safeties. In the last 2 games I think we have seen this defensive backfield play the way we expected from these guys. Brandon Carr has and will make big plays for this team and Sunday not only did he play lights out he sealed this game as he has done before. Standrick and Church have been playing out of their minds. I think this new system is helping with their performances.

The low men on our DB totem pole is Wilcox and Claiborne. Wilcox showed you today that he has ball skills even though the interception was called off Wilcox is getting better and better every week. There will be a little growing pains but the good outweighs the bad with him. Claiborne is a different story. We are all waiting to see what he turns into in this league corners are judged by interceptions and he needs to obtain more.

Miles Who?

A lot of people have been on the Cole Beasley bandwagon and I was among them. However with seeing how we misused Danny Amendola (he started his career here him) I didn't have a lot of hope for Beasley. I didn't see Romo using him as a crutch as Brady did with Welker or how Peyton is using with Welker.
However this year Beasley is worth his weight in 3rd down gold. For the past 3 weeks it seems when Dallas needs to convert on a 3rd down Beasley is remarkable and unstoppable.

Since the Blue-White scrimmage I have been boasting about Terrance Williams. This rookie has had a touchdown catch in his last 3 games. The last rookie to do so a Cowboys uniform, Dez Bryant. This doesn't mean we can completely put Miles out to pasture but these 2 receivers are making Miles a luxury and as soon as teams forget about him he will be there to win us a game before this season is over.

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