Top 8 Dallas Cowboys to watch all preseason

Yes in the Scout report we will look at players on a game to game basis because every single preseason game has a different meaning. 1st game the tune up game; it's the game where you could see a player go down because of trying to hard, being excited or a rookie FA that has never been in an NFL game and just blows his collective footbal load. 2nd game is called the rust game; where most vets correct themselves personally to get in "game ready mode". The 3rd game is the dress rehearsal where we pretty much know what that is. 4th game is the "Who wants it more" game where 3rd team players can make a jump to 2nd team and jobs get lost. (the 5th game as we have is just the train wreck I hate playing in the Hall of fame game. I love us opening the preseason but I hate having to play in 5 pre season games.

So as it stands if your aren't the type to check out every preseason game just watch this list of players. These players I suspect to make an impact during evaluation games (pre season) every game.

Sterling Moore: This is a guy that was one of the bright spots of our 2012 injury campaign. This is a guy that was signed almost off the street (practice squad of New England Patriots) and played his heart out. He is a tackler that is always near the ball. Being always near the ball isn't a stat on the stat sheet. However being near the ball is a place that can get you one of the most important terms to a defense FUMBLE recovery. Looks for Moore early in evaluation games swapping with Claiborne or in nickel situations, this guys will contribute.

Gavin Escobar:

This guy would not have made the list a week ago, but with James Hanna not looking that great. This is a perfect time for Escobar to slide in. Gavin isn't the greatest blocker but he can do what tight ends are supposed to do. Catch the damn ball. Look for Escobar to be a go to guy when it comes to 3rd and short passing situations.

Cole Beasley/ Danny Coale: Why are there 2 player right here, because one will not see the field during pre season and right now I'm not sure who that is. With a passing offense which we are, it's going to give receivers a lot of chances to make plays. As I've stated in my post Quarterback-vs-wide-receiver we have a QB that makes wider receivers better. These two guys will be a product of that environment. However Coale will the be the guy without Romo that will still be one to watch even if Kyle Orton is throwing him the ball (this is also dependent upon his injury status.)

Lance Dunbar: Being the 2nd RB and returning kicks will give Dunbar plenty of time for us to see what he can do. Most players on this list are people I think can make an impact. With Dunbar I'm not convinced just yet that he will, but if he does I don't see it as a surprise given the opportunity he will have with us going easy on DeMarco Murray during the preseason.

Terrance Williams: This is one of the guys that makes you take notice. I honestly thought Williams was on the coaches hype machine because he was drafted so high. Things changed on the Blue and White scrimmage. Williams has great hands and is a natural catching the ball. With the injuries we stated above this guy will get time and will make the most of it. If you want to know the inside tip on a player that will be a fantasy numbers juggernaut in 2 or 3 years Williams is it. I wouldn't be surprised if he takes Miles Austin's place a la Dez Bryant did to Roy WIlliams a few years back. This is not a knock on Austin, it's just stating that this kid is good and will not be denied.

Chris Jones: Punters are people too and Special teams is where we could use some help. Jones averaged almost 45 yards per punt last year. His season may have been shortened by injuries but when Jones is in and punts an average of 40+ yards we are 5-2 (included pre season games).

Justin Durant: The only potential starter on the list. The reason why Durant is here is because in pre season and even through the regular season he could come up big. Durant is playing beside Sean Lee and Bruce Carter and teams will be playing attention to them. This leaves Durant forgotten. Durant as of now will be the Sam linebacker in Monte Kiffin's scheme. A position last held in the NFL by one Derrick Brooks. Could Durant be Derrick Brooks? I highly doubt it, but a player playing alongside linebackers like Lee and Carter and being in a key role in Kiffin scheme Durant could show flashes of Brooks from time to time.

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