Why to watch Miami vs. Dallas: The Scout Report

Football has officially begun, the Hall of Fame game is upon us. With Cowboy great Larry Allen going into Canton, it's only fitting that the Cowboys play in the annual game to introduce the pre-season.

So why should you watch the Hall of fame game? Beside the fact that the Cowboys are in it? Besides the fact that like me you've been waiting 7 long months to see some pigskin action? The reason is: Russell Wilson, Jacoby Jones and Alfred Morris. What do they have to do with watching the game?

The Pre-Season is like getting a glimpse into the future. Whether you're a Die hard Cowboys fan or a Fantasy football player you need to watch the pre-season. It was last year's pre-season where DeWayne Harris made a name for himself and played his way to the final 53 with 3 touchdowns in 3 games with an average of 21 yards a reception. Do the Cowboys have a Wilson, Jones or Morris is yet to be seen but here are 3 players that if they play well you could see them regularly on sundays.

So who do we watch for:

Of course we want to see if the Carr and Claiborne pair have WR scared to run their routes but who are the unnamed players you should be watching for?

Matt Johnson

Who is he? Matt Johnson is simply the greatest safety to never have played a game. He has incredible ball skills. He came one interception short of Eastern Washington's school record while missing most of his senior season with a shoulder injury.

Why are we watching him?

It's no mystery the Cowboys could use a Safety and this is the time for Johnson to prove he wasn't a reach in the 4th round of last years draft. Even with Will Allen signed and Barry Church back, Johnson is poised to take a starting job and it begins with this game. Johnson sustained three different hamstring injuries throughout the course of the 2012 season and only played in one preseason game all year. Johnson has the opportunity to do what the injuries took away from him last season which is to start the season at Safety.

Lance Dunbar

Who is he?

In his second season from North Texas Dunbar can make people miss. He may well be the quickest back on the team. Quick isn't everything Dunbar only had 21 touches in 2012, far too few for a team that had it's primary running back on the bench for the better part of the season. In order for Dunbar to keep his roster spot he is going to have to keep rookie Joseph Randle behind him and narrow the gap between him and Phillip Tanner.

Why are we watching him?

We all know the injury problems Murray has therefore a backup running back will have plenty of time to shine during this preseason. Dunbar has Tanner and Randle breathing down his neck for touches and if Dunbar wants to stay at the number 2 spot he needs to show it during this game.

J.J. Wilcox

Who is he?

J.J. Wilcox has taken jobs before. This standout from Georgia Southern University originally planned to be a walk on but earned a full scholarship. Wilcox is a former receiver so he does have the hands to make an impact in the secondary.

Why are we watching him?

If there is one player on this team that "takes" a roster spot it's Wilcox. I don't mean takes the number 3 spot or a special teams gunner. I mean takes a starting spot or is one of the first guys in on Kiffin's rotation. Wilcox has been turning heads through OTA's and now at training camp. Ginger Jay has been repeatedly telling Wilcox to stop smacking around Cowboy receiver's; hopefully Wilcox has saved some of that energy for the Dolphins.

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