Scout Report: Cowboys vs. Redskins

This seems like the longest week in the NFL, all week we've be talking about this match-up and now it's time to play the game.

Every week I talk about how great our defense is doing (considering the situation) and every-week they let us down.

We should force Washington to play our game, to just outscore the redskins and m oving the ball up and down the field. Think about it RG III is gonna try and run like he never injured this leg and so will Alfred Morris. So let's just play Ginger Jay football let thrown it up with reckless abandonment. The bottom line is between Dez and Austin we are sure to get out front and get out front early.

When a team like the redskins are down when a team with a rookie quarterback is down what happens...MISTAKES are made.

It's time to dance with who brung us here Romo, Dez and the war horse.

Its' time to continue with our offense and hope the defensive can give us a break here and there.

It's time to get our rightful place back in the NFC east.

Keys to the game:

1. Create a defensive turnover
2. Get DeMarco 20 touches (runs and check-downs)
3. Mistake free football.
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