Where do we go from here?

Oh, Where do we go now? Where do we go?

It's only one place to go now, UP. It's the only logically place to go following a lost. Albeit if you haven't watched the 15 previous weeks of this football season (or have read the title of this post) you would think that we are at the bottom, down and out.

Well after the initial overreaction and disappointment of Sunday we have a grand opportunity. A chance 10 other teams in the National Football League would love to have. The opportunity to play for our lives. The same opportunity we had last year. However this is not last years team. This team has been hit with adversity, injuries and team tragedy. Throughout it all we have prevailed.

"This is the way it was meant to be"

That phrase was yelled by me many of times during the Steelers, Cowboys overtime lead in but I didn't know exactly how true that phrase was. Possibly I shouldn't have been saying it versus Pittsburgh maybe I was subconsciously saying it for this game upon us.

Cowboys - Redskins

It's like saying Yankees/ Red Sox, Ohio State/ Michigan or Celtics/ Lakers. It's the rivalry of all rivalries. When I was younger this match-up would usually open the NFL season on Monday Night Football. The Cowboys and Redskins have met 15 times on Monday Night Football (second only to the Raiders & Broncos). It has been a while since these two teams have both been equally as good in the same year...and now we are here.  

As told in The NFC East will rise again. it has, It has come back with a vengeance and here are the spoils; Sunday Night football, NBC flexed us in. They flexed in THE RIVALRY.

This rivalry is actually as old as these teams, being the Dallas Cowboys blackmailed the Redskins former owner (George Preston Marshall) in order to get a franchise in Dallas.  Thus things blossomed to the game it is today. This is not a rivalry that started because both teams are good and play drag em down knock them out defense i.e. Pittsburgh v. Baltimore , these are two teams that plain don't like each other.

Washington has been on a six game wining streak. While our Dallas Cowboys have fought the December slump and have gone 3-1 thus far. With that said there is one more game left on the NFL regular season schedule  one game left for one team and a golden ticket to the post season for another.

There is one question that will be answered Sunday. What team are the Cowboys? Are we still that team that hands another team a ticket to the playoffs or our we that team that we see in the league every year. The team that sees an opening into January and rides in into February. That question will be answered after every other NFL team has taken the field. Because everyone flying blue and sliver ...like Faith Hill sings "has been waiting all day for Sunday night"

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