Russian roulette Romo v. Garrett

Bright lights, big stage, big city...

Big headache.

One of these two needs to go. One of these two men are not fit to be Cowboys any longer. But the question is, is the risk worth the reward.

Good quarterbacks are are to find in this league. Most teams that lose their franchise quarterback have a hole in that position for 5 or more years.

Tony Romo is not getting any younger and even tho it's his 5th starting season next year will be his 10th NFL season. At one point in time we will have to address Romo's successor. Do we pull the trigger now and go after a college guy coming in. Or do we wait until he play diminishes and he is ran out of Dallas.

Jason Garrett was given his position for two reasons 1. he is a guy that gets along with Jerry Jones and will do what Jerry says 2. Jerry Jones did't want another Sean Payton situation. To understand what I mean read this post Jerry Jones biggest mistake. Coaches it seems are a dime a dozen and when you get a coach that does't have the success as he did as coordinator he becomes expendable.

Garrett was supposed to be the golden boy. He was supposed to help Tony play mistake free football and for the last two months Romo did cut down the mistakes. Garrett's play calling leads us to be down in EVERY game over the pass two months and his play calling put Romo in positions to make mistakes.

It looks like Tony Romo is more Danny White than Troy Aikman. However the numbers speak for themselves. Romo has every Cowboy record that was set by either Aikman or Staubach. Those records have not translated to wins.

For the second straight year we had control of our own destiny and we blew it and with 3 interceptions (two in the first quarter) Romo is to blame.

Like I said before quarterbacks don't grow on tree especially good ones. The way the NFL is not maybe it's time to change. There are not any Andrew Lucks or RGIII in this upcoming drafts but maybe there is a Russell Wilson, maybe there's a Andy Dalton or a Matt Ryan.

As far as Garrett, I'm not one of those people that likes it when a coach gets fired. But we know what we are getting with Ginger Jay. We know during press conferences he'll say "we gotta get better" but I don't want a coach like that. I want a tough in your face coach. Garrett M-O is throw the ball, thrown the ball and thrown the ball and wonder why Romo throws so many interceptions. With Garrett he'll run on 2nd and long and then tell us the run hasn't been effective. I think it's time to promote Rob Ryan. With Rob Ryan we'll get a fiery coach, with Ryan we get a defensive coach that has had success. Also with a defensive coach they commit to running ball.

It could be an overreaction. Considering we had 10 players on IR on defense. What if we actually overachieved what if we hit our ceiling. Murray was down six games, Austin has been injuries for a few games and Bryant wasn't 100 percent for the past few weeks. What if a 9 and 7 team is all this current roster will ever be for years to come.

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