Dak Prescott is still the Dallas Cowboys best shot in 2018

The Dallas Cowboys followed up 2016 with a stinker. Now there are some who want Dak Prescott to take a hike. But Cowboys fans beware, Dak is the best hope.

So, you think the Dallas Cowboys would be better off without Dak Prescott? Oh sure, let’s inject Cooper Rush into the lineup, forget the miracle in 2016 and call it a new season. And, while we’re at it, let’s jump back on the quarterback carousel. Because, you know, finding a new franchise quarterback is just plain old fun.
Boy, one minute you’re led to believe you’ve found the “chosen one,” and the following year the guy is getting roasted and kicked back to the streets. Did Prescott have some bad games? Was this the same player, who won the rookie of the year award in 2016? Was it really all that bad? First, let’s take a look at his final numbers.
In 2017, Prescott threw 31 more balls. But statically, he had a down year. His completion percentage was nearly five percent down. Prescott had eight more interceptions.
With Ezekiel Elliott out of the Cowboys roster for six games, number four was supposed to be the offense. Instead, he threw 343 fewer passing yards. His QBR dropped from 78.8 to 66.1, a 12.7 difference.
And finally, his quarterback rating went from 104.9 in 2016 to 86.6 in 2017.
Let’s ask the question again: Should the Cowboys still employ Dak as the franchise man? To answer that, we have to zoom out of 2017, and add up the sum of his work.
In two seasons, the fourth rounder has amassed 639 rushing yards and 12 rushing scores. He has started all 32 possible games despite taking hits.
Yes, Prescott had a down year. But, overall his quarterback rating sits at 95.5. To put that number into perspective, Tony Romo ended his career with a 97.1 rating, which is good for fourth all-time.
Phillip Rivers (94.8), Ben Roethlisberger (94.0) and Kirk Cousins (93.7) fall below Prescott’s number. Aaron Rodgers leads the pack with a rating of 103.8.
The Dallas Cowboys won’t abandon ship on the guy, and neither should you. Obviously, there’s an accuracy problem. Of course, we could line up the excuses too, from Elliott’s suspension to Tyron Smith‘s injury.
Still, this doesn’t disqualify Prescott as a quarterback with quality, with the potential to lead the team to an era of new success.
The truth is he is still the best hope for America’s Team. At winning. At leading. He’s the best player to make all the other players better, and one shouldn’t discount his learning year as a waste.
Every great quarterback goes through curves, the ups and downs of progression. Dak Prescott deserves a shot to run through his mental tunnel. Otherwise, it’s back to quarterback purgatory.
So, let me ask you, how do you like your chances in that lottery system?
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