The Aftermath: Texans vs. Cowboys

Another gritty win.  Yes this game should have ended with Dan Bailey's 4th quarter field goal. I am not putting the miss on Bailey. The reason why is the position of the attempt.  When the Cowboys knew they were in range, the last run with Murray should have been to get the ball positioned in the middle of the field.  If that would have happened the game would have been over. Bailey's kick was long enough. Instead Bailey had to kick from the left hash mark. The kick was long an straight. Being off set to the left made it a miss. Not 100 percent Bailey's fault.  Had we lost in overtime this would have been the discussion.  I instead we talk about Dez and his amazing catch that set Bailey up for the redemption game winning field goal.

Offensive wise this team has metal. They are tough. As I described in the breakdown Terrance Williams made a huge play in this game. What amazes me about this team. Is the fact that we haven't HAD to rely on the passing game.  In order to pull out victories. This was the first game that Romo threw for over 300 yards. In one sense I gel that if he needed to he could win a game passing on his own.  The other part of me is thankful that he doesn't have to. This Dallas team can go toe to toe with anyone in the NFL if they stick to there guns with this running attack. It keeps Dallas with the ball. It keeps the opposite quarterback off of the field. More importantly it keeps our defense off of the field.
As to the defense when Jerry Jones said in the beginning of the season that this defense "couldn't get worst". We laughed, after seeing the 49ers game we felt Jerry was crazy. This defense is better the Lynch pin of the defense is Rolando McClain.  This defense will go as far as he takes us. It is not just McClain. Every player on this defense seems to be playing bigger than themselves. Every starting defensive back and Linebacker (except Brandon Carr) has an interception. This defense may have left Adrian Foster gain 157 yard. But the defense also held Fitzpatrick to 154 yards. I am still undecided if holding the quarterback to less passing yards than the running back rushes for is a good or a bad thing.

All in all Dallas stopped the most feared defensive player in the AFC, J.J. Watt. I tend to believe their dedicating to containing Watt had a lot to do with our offense not looking has good as it had in the previous weeks. Yes there were big plays. Namely the touchdown by Williams. The catch Dez made to give Baily a shot to ice the game. I just feel that this team left a few point on the field. That really doesn't matter because a win is a win. The one thing that I do like about this team is the fact that they don't give up. More importantly they don't give up on the run. We will see how much fight is in this team and how much they lean on the run with their toughest test yet. The reigning
Super Bowl champions Seattle Seahawks. 

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