Do You Believe in Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett Yet?

After three straight seasons of 8-8 mediocrity without a playoff appearance, Dallas Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett was perceived to be on the hot seat. What a difference one win can make. The Cowboys now sit at 5-1 after beating the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks in CenturyLink Field on Sunday. A place in which the Seahawks have lost only once in the last two years. But was that win big enough to make you believe in Garrett again?

If you’ve believed what owner and general manger Jerry Jones has had to say on the subject, you’d think Garrett’s job was never in jeopardy. In fact. Jones claimed his job was secure regardless of what the end result of this year was stating this wasn’t a make or break season for Jason. And as you’d imagine, after the stunning upset win in Seattle, Jones can’t get enough of singing his head coach’s praises.

 “I’ve certainly had all of the appreciation in the world for everything Jason is as a coach,” Jones told The Dallas Morning News after the game. “His qualities as an individual, a human being, his ability to lead men, whether it be his staff or his coaches. But what we certainly wanted to see success on the kind of impressive scale that we saw it today. Certainly yes, this is probably Jason Garrett’s finest hour as a Cowboy.”

Now, it’s probably time Jones put his money where his mouth is as Garrett’s contract is up at season’s end. Which, to be honest, Jerry has never had a problem doing. But was this win enough to spark contract extension talks for the 48-year old head coach? Well, Jones is not quite ready to talk about that.

“I’ll tell you this, I’ve spent more money in happy situations than we could in our lifetimes spend. We won’t talk contracts tonight. There’s nobody that doesn’t understand that when Jason does good, I do good. I’m being like a proud father. I’m proud that we’re enjoying his success with his head coaching effort, and he deserves it.”

Garrett may have won over his owner, but what about the fans? Three years of mediocre play would test even the most loyal of the Cowboys’ faithful. But after a big win over the defending champions, everyone seems to be jumping on the Dallas bandwagon. But, as a fan, are you ready to jump on Garrett’s?
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