Tony Dungy: 'I Think The Cowboys Can Beat New Orleans'

The Dallas Cowboys will grace the national spotlight for this first time this season, playing in primetime on Sunday night against the New Orleans Saints. The Cowboys, who are playing at home for this one, are looking for a little revenge after losing to the Saints last year49-17 in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. And there is one former Super Bowl winning coach who believes Dallas could pull it off.

During his regular weekly appearance on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday morning, former NFL coach turned analyst for NBC Tony Dungy thinks the Cowboys could win this matchup against the Saints as long as they play to their strengths.

“Well, what’s going to happen is the New Orleans Saints offense is going to put some pressure on you. Their going to move the ball. Their going to score some points. So, you’ve got to be patient. You’ve got to stick with your gameplan and beat them the way your team is capable of winning, And that is running Murray. Keeping the score down. Keeping the ball. Forcing them to put eight in the box and then throw your one-on-ones to Dez Bryant. If they play that way, I think they can beat New Orleans. But if they go in think ‘we’ve got to outscore them, we’ve got to turn this thing loose’, it won’t be…that’s not the way they can win.”

The 2-1 Cowboys do have the third best rushing offense in the NFL with 470 total rushing yards. They also possess the league’s leading rusher in running back DeMarco Murray with 385 of those yards. And last week against the St. Louis Rams, Dallas showed a fervent commitment to the running game despite being down 21 points in the second quarter. The Cowboys new passing coordinator and offense play-caller, Scott Linehan, ran the ball 29 times as opposed to 23 passing attempts in the 34-31 victory in St. Louis.

As for 1-2 New Orleans, through Week Three, their defense has actually been stronger against the run than the pass. Currently, the Saints’ defense ranks ninth in the NFL and 29th in pass defense. They also feature the league’s fourth best total offense led by All-Pro quarterback Drew Brees.
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