Ravens Vs. Cowboys : What we learned

On one hand I want to say this it's pre-season, it doesn't matter. On the other hand this pre-season looked an awful lot like the back half of last season, where this defense became awful. I have no idea what I said publicly regarding the drafting of Zack Martin but internally it was a bad move. This is why in my mock draft, I had this team drafting the first 3 picks (technically 2) as defenders. The only thing I like about the pre-season game was that Scott Linehan has Romo going to Bryant on almost every play. This is how Detroit did with Johnson and how the Bengals do with A.J. Green.

The defense is a different story. Dallas is awful in nickel coverage. Which is our base defense almost. If there was one bright side it was Rolando McClain. He looked good in coverage and versus the run. Hopefully this carries over to the regular season. We still haven't seen our starting corners in play. Even tho this is pre-season this team is in trouble. Dallas for the past 3 or so seasons has been called the team that consistency goes 8-8. We will be LUCKY to go 8-8. I have quietly felt this since the schedule came out. No one has came to terms with we play the best division top to bottom in the NFL. The NFC West. We have Seattle at the best home field advantage stadium in the game. We open with the 49ers, this was a game I thought we could win with Aldon Smith and Bowman out. The Rams are going to be loaded on defense, I do not feel that the days of DeMarco getting 200+ yards on the Rams is a given and then a 10 win Arizona team.

This Cowboy team will end up with 2 out of division wins(if lucky) and within their own division. Washington gets better and Philly is still the reigning divisional champs. If we learned anything in a preseason game is it that this will be a LONG season. A season I feel will be closer to 5-11 than that 8-8 standard.
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