Ravens Vs Cowboys: The Scout Report

The Cowboys make their home pre-season opener tonight versus the Ravens. In last weeks game there was one glaring note that I omitted about the Cowboys versus the Chargers. This note also goes with the Cowboys versus the Ravens team match-up history. The note is that like with the Chargers, The Ravens own us.

I have spoke about teams owning certain teams in the past. The Cowboy's have good records all time against teams like Tampa Bay, Arizona etc. But there are some teams the Cowboy's don't play well against. Baltimore is one of them. As a matter of fact Dallas has NEVER beaten the Ravens. Never in the short history of the Ravens has Dallas beat them. Baltimore has also have the honor to shut down Cowboys stadium beating the Cowboys 33-21 in 2008.

With that said if Dallas start this pre-season 0-2 it will not be a surprise to me. Last week I dearly wanted to list 3 players to watch on the Cowboys as defensive players. But I had to let everyone know to watch out for Devin Street. With the awful performance on defense last week, I will be naming all players to watch for as defensive players. With the rash of injuries this will not be an easy task. With that said here are 3 player to watch for in Ravens Vs. Cowboys:

Ahmad Dixon

This was going to be my third choice last week, this week Dixon is the man to watch. Leading the team with 12 tackles showed how much of an impact Dixon can have on a game. It also tells us that this Dallas defense is not much better than last years. Like I said last year, when your safety leads the team in tackles, you have issues. Cowboy nation we have issues. Another performance like he had in San Diego could have J.J. Wilcox on the bubble for a starting job.

B.W. Webb

Webb is the only corner that we know will take the field tonight. With all of the injuries and outside aspects affecting the corner back group, Webb has an opportunity. This is not to say that I expect big things from Webb, but the opportunity is there. The Ravens don't have a great set of wide receivers. And with Steve Smith playing a very limited role last week against the 49ers, maybe Webb can put together a good game, after having a good fight during this weeks practice.

Davon Coleman

This picks is one that I hear the coaches and staff talk an awful lot about. With Bass gone Coleman could get some early time in the game. If he does we will see what all the hype is about. I'm not completely on board with this guy but if you hear what people were saying about him. The staff has a lot of faith in him. They also had a lot of faith in Matt Johnson and we see how that worked out.
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