White people are trying to take the word "nigger" back - O.T.I.S.

There isn't a 15 yard penalty for saying the word "fag". There isn't a 15 yard penalty for saying the word "kike". There isn't a 15 yard penalty for saying the word "jap, spic, or sand monkey" but there could be a 15 yard penalty for saying the word nigger.

This isn't a penalty just called for white players. If the NFL has its way the NFL will have referee's throw a flag for any player that says the word. This could be a reaction taken after the Riley Cooper situation. It's more likely that it is in response to the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito situation. A 15 yard penalty wouldn't have stopped Incognito from calling Martin's sister a whore. It wouldn't have stopped Martin from getting texts saying Incognito was going to fuck Martin's mother. Since the penalty would only be called during games it wouldn't have stopped Incognito from saying it to Martin at all. So what the point of this rule? Let's call it like it is.

This is white people taking the word nigger back. It's a way of saying "If we can't say it neither can you. The discussion 2 or 3 years ago was the "n" word isn't so bad why can't everyone say it. There were people coming out actually saying "If black people can say it why can't everyone say it". "If rappers say it in their songs they why can't we (non blacks) say it. The truth is white can say it and have. They've said it leading hundreds of Africans from Africa to a boat. They've said it while selling these same Africans. They've said it while beating and raping these Africans. The reason why they can't say it today is because they've made this word what it is. Now after decades of African Americans trying to get rid of the negativity and horror that accompanied this word. The same people that established the word want to say it again.

That fight was lost rightfully so. Now the conversation has shifted back to "no one should say this word" backed by Jesse Jackson and the NAACP and them burying the word years ago. This story has legs enough that white people started backing this statement. The point of we can't say it neither can you. I don't recall in the 60's a mass outcry to stop saying the word then. To stop calling women and children niggers while they where being hosed down, beaten and being thrown in jail. So why the outrage now? Since this is African American history month this conversation is perfect.

In the past 40 or so years young African Americans have been using the word in the streets and in rap songs taking the word and giving it another meaning. What happened after that? White people got pissed. It's nothing worst that the subject of ridicule ignoring or flipping your jokes.

Everyone has seen this play out especially someone who hates bullying. A bully tries to get under a person's skin. This is usually a person that the bully has picked on time and time again and the person getting bullied does something different. They start making fun of themselves. The bully is livid. The person they were picking on took their spotlight. Everyone forgets about the bully and now the person that was getting bullied is the center of attention. In some cases people are happy for the person for pulling a fast one. This is what has now happened, white people don't like African Americans saying the word. So now they are opponents of the word.
So what we have here is white people trying to take the word nigger back. This may be an NFL story on the surface but it's bigger than that.

And how will this be called? What if a player says nigga and not nigger? And how could this be checked? In replay we have tape to look at and see if the call is right or not. Imagine this scenario. Playoffs. Conference championship, the fourth quarter.  The offense is down by 1 on the 50 yard line. A referee calls a personal foul penalty on the defense. 15 yard penalty, 1st down. The losing team is now on the the opponents 35 yard line. The team gains 9 yards. Kicks a field goal on 4th down and make a 44 yard field goal and goes to the super bowl. All because of the "n"word. Worst yet who is to say a player said that word at all. Unless that player or another around him is mic'ed there is no way too see if the accused is guilty

This is not Arizona. This is not the NFL's fight. The NFL should take the stance that many take when it comes to gay issues. Which is if you are not of that group leave it alone. If a group of African American NFL players want to have this enforced then let's revisit it then. But until then this is not a fight the NFL should nor want to get involved in.

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