Player Profile Series: Gavin Escobar

The player profile series is about looking into the future with players on the Cowboys roster.
The player must have 3 things going for them in order to be listed.

1. Having been with the Cowboys for 3 year's or less.
2. Must have been, or projected to be a starter for the Cowboys.
3. Must have an upside to them.

Gavin Escobar

College: San Diego State 

Position: Tight End #89

Who is he? Escobar was the Cowboys' 2nd round pick in 2012.

What is expected from him in 2014? Escobar is expected to take the reigns from Jason Witten. Replacing a future hall of fame player is not as easy as it seems. the coaches have got to get Escobar into the game more. He has good hands. Using both Escobar and Witten Dallas could have a deadly combination at tight end much like New England did with Rob Gronsoski and Aaron Hernandez. (I probably shouldn't have used the words "deadly combination" and "Aaron Hernandez" in the same sentence. It wasn't' intentional and I won't do it again.)

What he needs to work on? Blocking, blocking and more blocking. This is Escobar's biggest knock. A tight end should be able to block linebackers coming off the edge, the occasional safety or any defensive player coming through the "c" gap. This is not something Gavin does well. Escobar's second biggest hurdle was James Hanna. Hanna was listed second TE behind Witten. If Escobar can improve his blocking technique I think the coaches would give him more playing time and slide up the depth chart.

What can this player be in the future? A lot of people are saying that Escobar was a bad pick and I disagree profusely. If you want to call it a luxury pick I can agree with you on that level but Escobar skills shows every time he touched the ball.

The Cowboys didn't use Escobar in the 2 tight end (12 personnel) sets that were heavily promoted by the Cowboys staff during the off season. Dallas rarely used the sets at all. When they did it was Hanna, not Escobar who saw the field when they did. The 12 personnel was primarily to help promote the running game. An extra man on the field that can't block isn't really something NFL teams like to do.

When it comes to the numbers you can clearly see Escobar's worth. With less playing time Escobar had 1 more catch than Hanna. Escobar almost had 50 more yards than Hanna. Escobar also had 2 touchdowns to Hanna and his 0. Romo is clearly trusting Escobar more. Escobar has 4 more targets than Hanna and 7 1st downs compared to Hanna's 0. People can knock Escobar all they want but production is there, even playing in the 3rd tight end spot. Escobar will continue to rise and when Jerry Jones says it, it's going to happen.

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