Player Profile Series: Kyle Wilbur

The player profile series is about looking into the future with players on the Cowboys roster.
The player must have 3 things going for them in order to be listed.

1. Having been with the Cowboys for 3 year's or less.
2. Must have been, or projected to be a starter for the Cowboys.
3. Must have an upside to them.

Kyle Wilbur

College: Wake Forest

Position: LB/DE #51

Who is he? Wilbur is another player affected by the injuries on the defense. However it impacted Wilber in a good way. Wilbur suffers from the syndrome a lot of late draft picks suffer from that u hate. When an organization picks a player that did fairly well at one position and a team brings him in and switches his position. Wilber was outside linebacker at Wake Forest. When Dallas picked him in the fourth round of 2012's draft they put him at defensive end. In 10 games Wilbur didn't do much. This year when Justin Durant was I injured Wilber stepped up and played linebacker and looked world's better.
Wilbur was more than likely hurt the most as Wilbur went from being a LB to a defensive tackle because of injuries. Most players that change positions get an off season to do so but Wilbur was converted in mid November because of the lack of depth on the line.

What is expected from him in 2014? Wilbur along with Holloman are expected to be in the running for the strong side linebacker spot in place of Justin Durant. Wilbur was drafted to play this spot but had to move (to defensive end) during Kiffin's scheme.

What he needs to work on?  Having to go from linebacker to defensive end and back to linebacker was just not a positional adjustment. Wilbur had to bulk up for the role. Now going back to his natural position means he will have to trim down, which should be the last of his worries. Wilbur has got to be better at stopping the run. Playing defensive end gave Wilbur experience at rushing the passer something we hope he still keeps while playing linebacker.

What can this player be in the future? It's difficult to say. Primarily of the 2 people in front of him. If Dallas cuts Durant Wilbur could be in a 2 man battle for the Sam linebacker spot. If Holloman is prepped to play middle linebacker behind Sean Lee and Durant leaves Wilbur could have an open road to having the strong side all to himself. In either position Wilbur will have to get better and capitalize on the 2 forced fumbles, two sacks and 44 tackles.

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