With Romo Out Dallas Cowboys Have Clear Path To Super Bowl

It seems like Santa got a lot of Cowboy fans what they wanted for Christmas this year, and that’s a sidelined Tony Romo.

Many Romo haters are finally getting what they asked for, and we are finally all going to see just how much better off this team really is. From all the talk over the years about how Romo is hindering this team from moving forward, it should all fall perfectly into place right?

Now that Romo is gone this defense should be at it’s best ever. Expect Demarcus Ware to return to Hall of Fame form and tally a few sacks and tackles for loss. Look for Brandon Carr to awake from his pathetic slumber and single-handedly shut down the Eagles passing attack.

With that being said I would expect a skunk by this defense.

Expect Jason Garrett and Bill Callahan to have the blindfold removed from their eyes and pound the ball more because everyone knows Romo had something to do with that as well. Demarco Murray should easily top 100 yards on around 25 carries.

Bryant, Austin, Williams, and Witten will all have career days as they slice and slash this Eagles defense.
And we’ll all go galloping on horseback into the sunset.

Or at least this is what I gather from all the Romo trash-talking over the years. I’m afraid we might be begging to have him back before the final cannon even sounds.

Now that the rant is over let’s get real.

The Kyle Orton signing now looks like pure genius at this point. If nothing else he gives us a chance at victory.

But if all of the negativity and disrespect to Romo’s play were true, then I expect nothing less than the Dallas Cowboys waltzing into the Super Bowl this season.

No disrespect to Kyle Orton, but for some reason I don’t see him with the play-extending capability that may very well have won the game against Washington this past Sunday, which in turn is the reason we are having this discussion at all.

Well, in one last tribute to the Christmas holiday it looks like us Cowboys fans will get a look at the Cowboys version of “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Much like George Bailey’s request of “I wish I’d never been born”, we’re all going to see what it would be like had Tony Romo never been the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

While I’m optimistic about Orton’s abilities, I’m not sure this movie is going to have such a happy ending.
But, as is always the case, I hope I’m very wrong.
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