Breakdown: Eagles vs Cowboys

Put an X on em'

Put an X on: Jason Witten, Witten is like a warm and fuzzy blanket to a quarterback. He's always there when you need him. Even tho Orton got full reps through this weeks practice overlooking Witten is not an option. As the Eagle double Dez (as all teams do) Witten should be left alone if not being covered by a Eagles linebacker. This is the match-up we want because Witten can win every time. If they drop a safty on him well you remember this right?

The way I see it. As we all know by now Tony Romo will not be playing.  If you listen to Jason Garrett they possibility of Romo playing is not far fetched. We won't know anything until Fridays practice. Romo is officially out for the remainder of the season, he will be placed on IR shortly. This move will free up a roster spot as well.

The way to beat the Eagles is to stop the run. In the first meeting the Cowboys held shady McCoy to under 60 yards.  This feat will only become harder without Sean Lee. Holloman and Carter need to have the biggest games of their lives on Sunday.

DeMarco Murray's streak will tell the final score of this game.  If Murray gets 20+ touches, I have no doubt the Cowboys will win. Since the first game in October, running back DeMarco Murray is averaging 5.92 yards per carry. If Garrett doesn't change the game plan for Orton and it's bombs away as if Romo was in there things will get rough. If Dallas has early success on the ground, keeping it there will do two things: limit their exposure to Orton and reduce the overall number of plays for both teams.

With a reduced sample of plays, there's a greater chance that the underdog can win. There's a big difference between a game with 120 total plays and one with 160.

As I've stated before the Cowboys have to really lean on what they do well in order to win. Sticking with the run and letting Murray get behind Smith, Leary and Fredrick. Aside from Murray's big run of 40+ odd yards (Washington). Murray has had greater success running to the right instead of the left.

Special teams needs play their hearts out. Spurlock is gone. The word is that Harris will be back. Harris' importance to the return game has been noticed but he is a good special teams tackler as well. Harris is tied for the led in special teams tackles. With the designation of Romo on IR, we may see Spurlock come back. If this is so maybe him and Harris can share the special teams duties. For example; Harris doing kick returns and Spurlock taking punts. No matter who is back there, special teams is a battle we must win in order to win. Orton will need all the help he can get and can't work with a short field. It's important for Harris to give us a few good starting point for the offense. 

Creating the turnover.  If we can stop the run game, we can put the ball in Nick Foles' hands and cause him to make a mistake. I know that Foles has only thrown 2 interceptions this season. But in the first game he threw 2 to this defense that were called back. The Cowboys would be much better served shadowing Jackson with cornerback Orlando Scandrick. Scandrick has a legitimate chance to shut down the Eagles' top receiver with the way he's playing. Last week against the Redskins, Carr played most of the game on Garcon. During the last few drives, Scandrick played Garcon and it forced the Redskins to throw to other receivers as Scandrick was playing so well. No matter what this Cowboy team can not forget about Riley Cooper. Cooper is Foles go to guy when Philly gets between the opponents 30 and the red zone.

Keys to the game:

1. Make the Eagles settle for field goals instead of touchdowns on at least two drives within the red zone.

2. Witten has to touch the ball at least 9 times. Last year versus the Bears, on Kyle Orton's only touchdown drive, he completed 3 passes to Jason Witten including a touchdown. Orton needs to depend on Witten as he did in that game.

3. Contain McCoy. The Eagles do not operate well when McCoy has a bad day. When McCoy has a horrible day so does Foles. Their passing game is predicated by the run. Stop the run you stop this offense.

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