The Aftermarket: Eagles vs. Cowboys

The funniest thing about the game is that it ended the way any other cowboys game would have.  With a 4th quarter interception. The only difference is who threw it. The Cowboys didn't run the ball at all during the second half.  As usually, but with 2:10 on the clock they were poised to turn a 2 point deficit into a win.  Low and behold the turnover happened. 

Kyle played well was used excessively and Dez was used in a way which Tony never used him. As in when in doubt throw it to 88.

Well it official the season is over. As much as another 8-8 season burns it's much better than the consecutive 5-11 seasons we had before Parcells came to town.

As bad as this lost feels as fan the one hope you have for your team is to be "in" the playoff race come December. Dallas for the pass 3 seasons have done just that be in the playoff race.  Normally a team usually gets over the hump within year two or three. This is now the case in Dallas.  This team has shown exactly what they are mediocre. 

In the previous off seasons we've lied to ourselves saying "this team is full of talent". Which isn't the case.  Reality is we have an above average quarterback.  An injury prone running back, who can't play a full season. We have what could be a Star wide receiver.  But we don't use him enough. With a banged up over valued receivers on the other side. And a hall of Fame tight end.
Our defense is pathetic. For the second straight year. We have a crutch that if we didn't have so many injuries it wouldn't be like this.

Every team has injuries.  It's just that Dallas don't handle them well.  As in past seasons I'm sure that Jerry will do the right thing and draft a defense line men or two.  But what happens when our linebacker go down. Oh that's right our linebackers did go down. This season we've lost Sean Lee twice. Bruce Carter and Sims on several occasions, Durant also when down.  Durant also wasn't a player you would really what to see as a starting linebacker. 

There are just too many holes on this team. To make statements like this team is loaded with talent. With the cap situation don't expect Dallas to get tremendously better in just one off-season.
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