5 Things we learned in the loss versus Green Bay

5. The play caller NEEDS to be fired. Take that whatever way you want and it's directed at whomever calls the offensive plays. We had an entire quarter to run the ball.When the announcer (Troy Aikman) a known Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones supporter is telling you on every play and calling Dallas every name in the book beside idiots (which he should have said) you need to run the ball and milk the clock.

4. Romo can only do what he is told. Point Blank

3. We can blame this defense all we want but they are doing the best they can. It's sad but earlier in the season I was happy when we came out of games without an injury. This is why, hamstrings get pulled it seems like every game. Someone goes down it seems like every game. As usual there will be changes in the off-season. A big change should come in the trainer's room.

2. We miss DeWayne Harris more than we know. Cole Beasley and Terrence Williams are looking like nice side pieces in the passing game but they can't do anything in the return game.

1. Stephen A. Smith was right. Normally I like Stephen A. but when he talks about the Cowboys I hear the normal hate I do from a New Yorker. All season he has been touting that the Dallas Cowboys will break you heart. I hate to admit it but...he's right
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