5 Things we learned during the loss in Chicago

5. We could afford to lose against Chicago. As crazy as it seems it's true. Yes no one wants to lose a game but a loss at Chicago this team can overcome. Here we sit one game above .500 (7-6) with 2 out of 3 home games left. As we are well aware of this division will more than likely come down to the last game of the season. In all honestly the Green Bay game may be another game we can lose. (it all depends on how Philly plays against Minnesota and Chicago) The games we must win are against Washington and Philadelphia. If we can just beat those 2 we can be 9-7 and make it to the postseason.

4. We can't get any pressure on the quarterback. This is not a revelation but all of our problems are because of this one thing. There is no excuse for this but when you have 17+ different players line up in a single position (Defensive end and tackle) this is what you get. We can get blasted about how this defense is bad which may be true however if a team had 17 different people line up at running back or wide receiver and the team didn't have success you wouldn't wonder why would you would you? No you couldn't. What has happened to our defensive front line is unbearable but there are no excuses in football.

3. This is what happens when we don't get 2+ turnovers. I know a lot of you get tired of me saying "Get 2 turnovers" in the keys to the game. This is what happens when we don't. This team, due to the lack of pass rush can't stop a nose bleed. The only thing that has us with 7 wins is the fact that the defense can create turnovers. When we have no turnovers we get what we saw Monday night. A humiliation of the Cowboys.

2. This is what balance got us. 25 passes versus 28 rushes. It's as if Jason Garrett said to the entire Cowboys Nation "You want me to run? here see running doesn't win football games."

1. Tony Romo seems neutered. I will state what I said in number 2, but maybe it's not a cruel joke that Garrett is pushing maybe Romo is in on it too.
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