Breakdown: Cowboys Vs. Giants

Put an X on em

Put an X on Tony Romo. It's time to have Romo win us a game. Romo has to make smart choices on Sunday. This game will not be ideal conditions for an all out playing assault therefore Romo will have to manage his passes by throwing quick passes and check downs.

The way I see it. We may be getting a lot of players back (Hatcher, Claiborne, Wilcox and Austin) but there are still an awful lot of holes left. Mainly at linebacker. We may see Holloman at middle linebacker. That's IF he plays (he as been limited in practice this week). Yes in the preseason he did well but this is ain't preseason. Bruce Carter will take over play calling duties for Sean Lee. What that means is if there are linebackers and defensive backs out of position on Sunday it will be Carter's fault. The other thing about Carter is that last year without Lee, Carter played well. This year it seems his play has declined. It will be interesting to see if his play gets better with all the attention on him. 

Keys to the the game:

1. 3 turnovers, yes I'm still on that stat. This defense doesn't do much well (with all the injuries) but they can create turnovers. In order to beat a Giants team that has been revived we have to bring them back down to earth.

2. Running the ball. This is going to be a nasty game (weather wise) so keeping the ball in Murray's hands will be critical. 15+ touches will be key for the Cowboys.

3. Get Miles involved. You normally don't expected much from a player coming back from an injury. We can't use that excuse on Sunday. Miles is a veteran an he needs to play like one. Miles has to be lined up in the slot and cause problems for the Giants battered secondary.  
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