5 Things we learned about the Cowboys throughout 10 games

5. This is the same team [Defensive wise] from last year. One of the reasons Rob Ryan was fired is because the defense had given up a Cowboy record of over 5,800 passing yards and total of over 7,000 combined yards. This season the defense is on pace to smash that record. Does that mean Monte will be fired? 

No, Ryan's big problem was that his defense was often confused and had a hard time creating turnovers. This team is about to surpass last year's total turnovers with 23 Compared with 28 In 2012.

The struggles of our defense are not entirely Monte's fault. As like last year we have had horrific injuries. This year it has been primarily on the defensive line. But in the last few weeks injuries in other positions like safety and linebacker have made this year feel eerily like 2012.

4. Escobar needs to be used more. The knock on Escobar is that he can't block.  Well we don't run the ball so blocking shouldn't matter.

This kid can do what a TE is needed to do nowadays and that's catch the ball. He only has one fewer yard than Hanna. That's also with 6 less catches.

3. The 12 personnel was a lie. All offseason we were told that we would be running the 12 personnel (two tight end sets). This is used to help run the ball and to use the four TE's we have on our roster. As I said Escobar needs to be used more and why do we have Andre Smith eating up a roster spot of he's not playing. Not even on special teams.

2. The offensive line is the most improved unit on this team. What a difference one player can make. Travis Fredrick could quite possibly be the MVP of this team. Considering linemen don't get much credit he won't be. However lets remember he took a lousy, lost and confused line and made them good. The sacks that Tony Romo has taken have been his own fault for a mass majority of them. 

The position of center is much like the position of quarterback or middle linebacker to the offensive linemen. The center calls the blocking scheme, assignments and calls out the Mike linebacker to linemen next to him. He has to be the smartest player that keeps his hands in the dirt and Fredrick is that. The play of Doug Free has stepped up and Leary is doing an OK job as well. Are they pro bowlers? No but the play of Smith, Fredrick and Free have masked the holes at guard we have.

1. This season will come down to the last game on the schedule. For the third time in as many years our fate will come down to week 17. This year it will be against the Philadelphia Eagles. The one difference is that this year the last game of the season will be at home at AT&T stadium. This is a big advantage for the Cowboys as we are currently 4-1at home. In previous years playing at home has not been an advantage to us but it seems we have changed that.
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