5 things we learned about the Cowboys in the Giants win

5. We need to give Romo credit. Every game that we lose it seems as if we blame Romo. This game can we finally give credit to him? Romo has thrown for 200 touchdowns in his career. How does that compare among the Cowboys greats? Troy Aikman threw for 165 touchdown in his career and Roger Staubach only threw for 153 touchdown.

4. We let this Giants team rush for 200+ yards. I think letting a team run for that many yards looks a lot better than having a team throw for 400+. Eli Manning only threw for 174 yards and I think mentally that makes the defense feel a lot better about their performance. If that doesn't the Giants coming out of two 1st and goal situations with only a field goals to show for it. Plus a 4th down stop definitely will give them something to hang their hat on.

3. Quite possibly we should run more? Murray had 14 carries for 86 yards. Dunbar had 3 carries for 20. For only the second time this season the Cowboys have crossed the 100 yard mark in rushing. Both those games ended in a win, coincidence? I think not.

2. DeWayne Harris is irreplaceable. Harris had 3 returns with a combined 40 yards on Punt/Kick returns. After he came out, Cole Beasley and Terrance Williams had 40 yards combined on Punt/Kick returns. More importantly the wow factor was gone. When Beasley went back to field a punt all I could think was "don't drop the ball, don't drop the ball". Harris is becoming invaluable to this team and we see that no one can't deliver what he does to the return game. Harris is also one hell of a tackler on special teams as well.

1. Ginger Jay (Jason Garrett) could have been called a complete idiot had Dan Bailey missed the field goal. Say we had when to overtime win or lose, Garrett's head would have been on a stick for kicking a field goal on 3rd down and taking a knee on the first 2 downs. We would have questioned his mental competence and clock managing skills. It would have been the Arizona game all over again. In the NFL these calls make or break you. In this instance Ginger looks like a coach that knows what he is doing. If we'd have loss we would be asking him to jump off the Brooklyn bridge.
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