Breakdown: Cowboys vs. Lions

Put an X on em'

Put an X on: Cole Beasley, Beasley is a game changer and has been dubbed Mr. First Down. Think of this stat. Beasley has been thrown to 21 times, out of that he has caught the ball 18 times. 10 of which were for first downs. Not only is Beasley a first down machine. He averaging 9.3 yards a reception. Beasley needs to show up big time today and find the end zone as well as moving the chains.

The Way I see it: All anyone has been talking about in this game is "who is better Calvin Johnson or Dez Bryant". To be honest who cares. Dez will not be playing corner trying to get deflections and Calvin won't be covering Dez. The matchup we need to pay attention to is Brandon Carr vs. Calvin Johnson. Carr has been playing well but to separate himself to that next level of cornerbacks Carr needs to step up big time against Johnson. Also the last time we played the Lions, Romo game away that game with 3 int's 2 went for touchdowns. Romo isn't that same quarterback but he needs to be careful. Another funny thing happened in that game. Dez Bryant had 2 touchdown in the first quarter. In order for us to get the win Dez needs a similar performance.

Keys to the game

1. Using the same game plan they used against McCoy with Reggie Bush. McCoy only rushed for 55 yards and 26 yards receiving. Bush is the same of player and we need the same game plan to shut down his production.

2. Our tight end has to play better than their tight end. Jason Witten has to be key during this game. Fauria has been lighting it up in recent weeks and Witten needs to do the same today.

3. 2 turnovers, we have to stay consistent and hit out 2 turnover per game average.

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