The aftermarket: Giants v. Cowboys

Quick thoughts on the Giants v. Cowboys 36-31 win on Sunday from AT&T stadium
What we learned?

We learned that Jerry Jones was right for firing Rob Ryan and hiring Monte Kiffin. I personally went ballistic when Ryan was fired, but the reason he was fired was due to turnovers or the lack thereof. The #kiffineffect has not only counted for an average of 2 turnovers in the pre-season the defensive kept with its “Hit and Strip” mentality. Not only did the defense create 5 turnovers (6 total turnovers) they scored 2 defensive touchdowns. Yes the defense did have issues covering Victor Cruz but without the defense this game may have went to the Giants instead of the Cowboys.

What we need to do better?

The talk at Valley ranch is that this is the type of win the Big Tuna Bill Parcells loved. Reason being is that yes, a win is a win however this team made and awful lot of mistakes. First thing we must do better is to get more POT. Points Off turnovers, this game should have been 10-0 or 14-0 easily ending the first quarter. Scoring touchdowns inside the red zone when your opponent has gift wrapped you the ball is something you have to convert. I understand the 2nd turnover put the Cowboys back inside the 15 on our own side of the field but if you cannot make 6 points on that 2nd turnover the Cowboys could have extended the drive and possibly work 3 points out of it.

Both drives show you that Dallas needs to work on offensive efficiency. This team is still having a problem with the red zone and running the ball. Unlike last year I have given up on the fact that we will balance the run with the pass but since I've finally been sold on Garrett’s offense the least he can do is score 6 inside the opponent 15 yard line.

Lastly in pre-season I was all for Terrence Williams getting some playing time catching a few balls but this is different, these games count and if Williams is out there, it should be better communication between him and Romo. I recall when a young Dez Bryant was in his first few years here. Tony force feed Dez the football. This would sometimes lead to bad route running, missed assignments and ultimately interceptions. If Romo is trying to bring Williams along as he did Dez lets at least have the rookie run the right routes.

What we have to build upon?

I am not going to say we can build upon turnovers as many would think. I am convinced this team has “hit and strip” embedded somewhere in their helmets so it’s no need to go with that suggestion. What we can build upon is that our offense wasn't the best. I know when you build upon things those things are usually positive however I’m going to take another approach. We know that Tony Romo can throw for 300 yards in his sleep, yet he didn't against the Giants. We know that Dez Bryant can come off a double team and still make a play, yet we didn't try throwing to him while double covered.

This team played nowhere near the offense they usually do and I think that’s a good thing that we won a game a different way. I was told all of 2012 we never lead in game. The way we won those 8 games last year was Romo airing it out for 300 or 400 yards in a comeback. It’s good to win another way. When you cannot be predictable that’s when a team fears you.

When a team knows you have to throw it scares no one and it can be contained easily with the proper personnel. However when a team can create a turnover or score defensively or use a two tight end set to move the chain and go in for the score. That is what keeps a defense up at night. Not many teams stay long hours after practice trying to figure out how to stop a team that throws it to one wide receiver every time they need 6 or more yards. It’s the teams that can win ugly and win different that are the most challenging and winning the way we did Sunday here and there and winning with the arm of Romo here and there is something to look forward to instead of the same old throw it up and hope Dez catches it route.

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