Breakdown - Giants Vs. Cowboys

Breakdown - Giants Vs. Cowboys

Put an X on em'

Every week we'll highlight one player that we have to "Put an X on". Put an X on em' is a term we used in football for the coaching staff to watch ALL GAME LONG. With all the recent injuries the player we have to watch should fittingly be on defense. It would be easy to watch Deza-tron (Dez Bryant). But the player we will "Put an X on" Will be pre-season darling George Selvie. With the injuries suffering on defensive line Selvie will get the start and he needs to channel his Miami game for us to expose the Giants.

The Way I see it:

We don't have to rehash our record at home versus the Giants here. What we'd have to rehash is last years Cowboys opener versus the Giants, a win. A win is all that needs to be said. How we get there are in our keys to the game. On of the things the Cowboys MUST do this season is establish a home field advantage. Cowboys stadium has been a place that all team love to play in for both that it is a magnificent stadium and that our at home winning percentage sucks. Going 17-15 in the regular season since the stadium open. This has to change and this has to change tonight.

Keys to the game

1. Pressure on the Giants Offensive line. The Giants have a battered offensive line and rookie Justin Pugh has not looked spectacular thus far we must take full advantage of this flaw.

2. Using the 12 and even 13 personnel. During the off season we heard 12 personnel, 12 personnel. The 12 personnel is going 2 Tight Ends and throwing quick routes to Jason Witten and even James Hanna also using them in running situations as blockers. In the first pre season games we used 3 Tight Ends on a few plays. If we can keep that set rolling and throwing quick routes and running the ball we will be in good shape.

3. Takeaways, In the preseason we average about 2 takeaways per game. This is not the pre-season anymore but this is the reason Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli here and fired Rob Ryan. This team needs to build off the pre-season momentum and continue getting at least 2 take-a-aways per game and it starts today.
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