Breakdown - Rams vs. Cowboys

Put an X on em'

Put an X on Demarco Murray, yes I know the last time we played the Rams Demarco ran for 253 yards. 1. This isn't the same St. Louis team and 2. We have not ran the ball effectively all year. It's not like we have a no name at running back, everyone knows who the war horse is and being that Garrett is "not calling the plays" It will be easier for upper management to influence that run pass ratio. Demarco will get the ball early and often and with Brian Waters starting the game DeMarco will get turned loose.

The Way I see it:

This is a pivotal game. Not a must win game but a pivotal game early in the season. The reason being is that the way that the NFC east is going this division could be ours for the taking. The other three teams in the division already have 2 losses and we need to come out of week 3 with 2 wins. If we expect to win the division we must beat a team like the Rams.

The Dallas defense has been solid for the past few games and that Monte Kiffin's defense needs to be solid again. We must take advantage of the opportunities a team like the Rams will give us. Stopping Tavon Austin, the Rams only key offensive player is a must, we can leave that to Brandon Carr and the rest of the Defense can feast. Demarcus Ware looked very good with Spencer on the other side and Hatcher playing lights out in KC and it must continue in Dallas.

Keys to the game:

1. Create the turnover. Including preseason we have been averaging 2+ turnover per game. Last week we came up with none. There is a big difference in Cowboys football with and without turnovers. If we want to win this game the defense will have to create at least 2 turnovers.

2. Run the ball. Simple as that the Cowboys are 9-0 when Demarco gets 20+ carries what bigger stat do you need in order to prove to you that a running game makes for NFL wins.

3. A healthy dose of Dez Bryant downfield. When Dez gets in the game team worry. When Dez goes downfield on plays teams panic. I'm not sure if Romo is hiding more than what he is saying but we saw about 2 deep passes. We need to be a threat with Dez over 20 yards as much as he is inside a 20 yard range.
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