Tony Romo: 'I'm healthy enough to play in the NFL right now'

More than a few eyebrows were just raised by Tony Romo.
The former franchise quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys ascended from the ranks of the undrafted to become the most-prolific passer in team history, but was much-maligned and vilified in the process for the continued absence of a Super Bowl ring. Anyone who followed the team closely during his time as a starter knows why that was, with questionable personnel decisions and indecisions littering the near-decade of Romo's starting tenure. Whether it was questionable protection on the offensive line, a league-worst defense or a combination of the two -- team owner Jerry Jones readily admits his biggest failure as a general manager was failing to put a team around Romo that could help him win an ever-elusive sixth Lombardi trophy for the franchise.
Released following the emotional rollercoaster that was 2016, Romo is now an award-winning and Emmy-nominated NFL analyst for CBS Sports, and also has several major endorsements in tow -- now seeing his pendulum swing drastically in the court of public opinion. For all intents and purposes, he's America's Sweetheart who can do no wrong, a stark contrast to when many claimed he could do no right, despite evidence to the contrary. Nonetheless, those calling for his return amid a severe downturn by the Cowboys perked up more than a little when, in a recent interview with The Ben and Skin Show on 105.3FM, he made it known he's physically not simply fine.
He could suit up and play right now in the NFL.
"I probably played much more hurt back in '13 or '14 then I would be now, but you find your routine in life that you figure out that kinda keeps you going, " he said. "Yeah, I'm healthy enough. That wouldn't be an issue at all, I don't think. That would be the least of my thoughts when it came to a decision like that, obviously."
Well, that's interesting.
You might want to hold off on the speculation though, or at least 99.99% of it, because there's hardly a reason Romo would leave his well-paid position as an analyst to jump back into the blame-fire that is the Cowboys. That said, however, when asked outright if he would -- he didn't say yes, but he didn't exactly say no either.
"You guys are silly," Romo replied with a sly laugh, masterfully dodging the question altogether.
It's key to note the pro bowler didn't immediately file formal retirement paperwork after being released by the Cowboys two years ago, and it remains to be seen if he ever has. If not, he'd still be eligible to sign with an NFL team whenever and if ever he chooses to, the Cowboys having also relinquished his rights in 2016 when they cut him loose.
Is it possible he'd suit up one more time? Sure it is. Is it plausible, though? Not even remotely. Between his booth prowess and the accompanying paycheck, the endorsements, the newfound media love and the budding golf career he justifiably put on hold to focus on leading the Cowboys -- don't put your chips on seeing the 38-year-old on an NFL field ever again. The competitive fire still burns, as he's said before, but the cons of a return simply outweigh the pros in a big way.
It does at least sound like the door's still open for one of the highest rated passers in league history, though.
Do with that what you will.
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