The aftermarket: Rams v. Cowboys

It won't last, I hate to be the first to admit it but the running game will not last. Stephen Jones hinted before the season that the cowboys found the secret sauce. The sauce didn't need to be found it was drafted in 2011. In the 3rd round. His name is DeMarco Murray.

After DeMarco's 253 yards in 2011 against the Rams the Cowboys rushed for 74 yards on only 8 carries in Philadelphia. Last season after Demarco had a season high of 131 yards versus the Giants, Murray went for 44 yards versus the Seahawks on 22 carries.

The Cowboys didn't change running backs, the system didn't change and we don't play the Rams every week. A commitment to the run is what is needed. Ginger Jay seemingly gives up on the run if Murray doesn't go for 8+ yards on his first carry. Hopefully Callahan has more patience.

On a more positive note Gavin Escobar is showing his hands to the NFL. Yes he only had one touchdown that counted. But opposing teams will have to notice him and have to pick if they want to double Dez Bryant or leave that safety to defend Witten or Escobar. The news on Miles Austin is positive after a hamstring injury (Austin is not supposed to miss the San Diego game) but this will give time for DeWayne Harris too get more touches and Terrence Williams' progression. It's good that Williams' has been getting significant game time but we drafted this kid in the 3rd round and if Miles is not 100 percent Williams progression will be key.
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