Dallas Cowboys training camp update 8/7/2013

 Here’s What I Saw At Camp Today...

It was the largest crowd I've seen so far at camp in the three days I've been there (all
midweek practices) and they weren't disappointed.

Although the hitting was limited today, it did produce some spectacular plays.

1. There is no doubt that we are throwing the ball down the field with our tight ends this year. Both Witten and Escobar had big plays down the field. Witten scored and Escobar’s was at least 50 yards. They were both seam routes and both were wide open. I think a lot of this is due to Dez’s ability to draw a safety to him because the middle was open all day.

2. I've been hard on Miles in earlier posts on practice but he had an excellent day today. He caught everything thrown to him including two big plays, one of which would've gone for a TD.

3. Dez was awesome again in one on one’s against the DB’s. It just becomes redundant how many incredible catches he makes.

4. DeMarcus Ware made the play of the day as he blew up a handoff on an end around and crushed the runner.

5. Here’s your starters on the line for Friday night based on today. Smith, Leary, Frederick, Berny and Free. Frederick took all the center snaps.

6. On defense Selive got all the snaps at Spencer’s spot on defense meaning that your book-ends will be Ware and Selvie against the Raiders.

7. They spent a lot of time on punt coverage but what was going on in the opposite field had my attention. I read Broaddus talk all the time about how he really likes Doug Free when his technique is good and today during the extended punt coverage workout the offensive line did nothing but footwork and hand fighting amongst each other.

8. There were a lot of false starts today, coaches were not happy.

9. Romo and Orton were both sharp today. No INT’s and some very nice throws. They got all of the reps in the hitting phase of practice. The backups only got throws in the shell drills.

10. I saved the best for last. The play of the day wasn't even a play but it was the kind of thing that as fans we love. Romo hit Miles on a seam route that he caught at midfield and he was gone. He was sprinting towards the end zone but at the 20 eased up just a bit, but he was still sprinting. Little did he know that Sean Lee was sprinting 20 yards behind him and was gaining. Austin got to the end zone never seeing Lee. As Lee jogged back towards the defense huddle he yelled to the other guys on defense, “Good thing he ran ‘cause I was gonna tackle his ***. He was mad about the play and let everybody know dropping some F bombs to teammates.

Just an FYI but if you are lucky enough to live in LA the Cowboys/Raider game starts at
7:00 on Channel 5 because they carry all the Raider pre-season game. Otherwise the
NFL Network picks the game up after the Eagles/Patriots around 7:30 (hopefully) which
means anybody else probably missing the first couple of series with Romo and Dez and

by: Steve Prevesk

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