Cowboys Vs. Raiders: The Scout Report

Here is our 2nd preseason game of the years and here are 3 players to watch. I'm not knocking any other sites but naming a starting player is not a surprise player to watch. The whole point of preseason is to see the rookies and new guys. So without further ado here are 3 (new guys) to watch. Side note being that we are playing Oakland I wanted to go all defense but this first kid had to make the list.

Terrance Williams - We know that Romo will be starting but as of now we are unsure of Dez and Miles' status, hopefully one of them does not play so that we can see Romo together with this 3rd round draft pick that has been turning heads in Oxnard.

B.W. Webb - This kid is an enigma, he'll have a lousy string of practices and come up big time on the next. He didn't have a horrible game against Miami but I feel he will have a big game tonight as Oakland may try and test him.

George Selvie - how can he "not" be on the list. After crashing the twitterverse all of CowboysNation is waiting to see if he can duplicate his first game success.
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