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This post was supposed to be written during the height of the off season (when I saw a guy in March leaving Cafe Rio in a New York Jets jersey. Not 20 some odd days away from training camp. If your teams jersey is not on the list, it doesn't mean you can't wear it. I respect those who colors fly throughout the year, not just when your team has a win streak or are in the playoffs.

This post is just to say that out of the 32 NFL teams the colors along with these teams history make these jerseys rampant in American culture. Fans of teams in other cities may have a jersey from one of the teams mentioned as well as their home team. I have 2 out of the 3 jerseys myself. This list is not in any particular order. It is not a ranking list. If your on here your team is a team that transcends any list. You are all number one.

Oakland is one of the teams responsible for why we wear most NFL apparel. The popularity of the Sliver and Black as a color scheme, a reputation of winning along with the uprising of 80's of gangsta rap group N.W.A. made Oakland one of the NFL's most bad ass teams. The players where no chumps either from their owner Al Davis to players such as Howie Long, Lyle Alzado,

Ken Stabler, Fred Biletnikoff, Willie Brown and coach John Madden made this team "Just win baby" in the words of their late owner, to the tune of three super bowl championships.

Honestly if the cowboys played more in their blue "jinx" jerseys I don't think they would be on this list. However we don't therefore we are here. The plain white uniforms with blue numbers and no logo on the side is a classic look and feel. Our reputation proceeds us. Take the picture above who's jersey is that? Drew Pearson, Dez Bryant, Micheal Irving...the shear greatness of the number "88" in Cowboys history is one of the reasons why this team is us here. It's a Dez Bryant jersey btw.

Most teams use huge logos on or near the shoulder to have fan identify them with. Not so much in Dallas. The winning culture has of course gave us the title "America's Team" but this name wouldn't stick if we didn't have 5 Super Bowl trophies to accompany it.

The first step to get on this list win, the second step is have a simple color scheme and the third is to have the fans and hardware to back it up. With 3 Super Bowls under their belt and a color as simple as blue and white makes the New York Giants a sure in on this list. Not only are the New York Giants jerseys the best in the state of New York their one of the best in the league.

Along with cool colors and a winning history great and recognizable players are one thing. You have to admit jersey can get expensive to having a team plus a players that is notable for your average fan makes wearing it that much better. Take the Giants for instance you could have an old Lawrence Taylor or Phil Sims jersey and people would know who it was just from the number. Not all teams have this star power, just because you win a super bowl doesn't mean that the everyday fan will remember your team. Each team need players that are worth buying a $80+ piece of fabric for.

These three teams denote winning and fashion wise these colors go with anything. Sure someone can say why wasn't a team like the Patriots or Broncos not on the list. A team like New England has great jerseys however these jersey were not apart of the teams history from the beginning. The teams above not only have great fashion sense and a winning culture. These jersey have virtually stayed the same since the team inception.

What about Green Bay or San Fran? These are two very good choices but as well as winning the jerseys still have to be stylish. I have nothing against a fan of these teams but outside of game day when do you wear the combination of green and yellow or red and gold? Try randomly finding shoes that match at footlocker. Yes it can be done, but the teams that have been chosen have a "less is more" scheme when it goes to colors. Nothing flashy, nothing done differently. The color are very basic but recognizable countrywide.

Before the season starts we will be releasing our guide "How to see America's team for less than $600." I will be releasing more information soon as we lead into training camp.

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