Am I the only one NOT worried about the Offensive Line?

I understand what we went through last year. At EVERY snap I was yelling at the TV, "Why is it taking so long, why is it taking so long". I understand that Romo had to do more "O-line leadership" and we suffered injuries plus apparently when Cook wasn't in we were dipshits "offensive line schematic wise". They worked with Callahan week in and week out and to to his credit he is a damn good oline coach via past experience., but they were not getting it.

Fast Forward to the draft we get Fredrick. Criticism aside as far as where he was picked. I think this kid is and will be a good player either at Center or either Guard side. His versatility always a plus. We also have Smith (LT) who is getting better every year. We know Free will be playing RG (and yes I admit he is a weakness, but Romo is not left handed so damage will be minimal). So we have either two of the three Livings, Costa and Cook filling in at what my guess will be is at guards. I know what the depth chart says but I don't think Bernadeau will be starting come Sept.

Therefore as I see it Smith (LT) Livings (LG) Frederick (C) Costa (RG) Free (RT). Even if Costa and Frederick flipped I do not see this as being a bad line. If Fredrick can do one thing which is keep these guys on the same page at the Center spot that is worth the pick alone. This therefore seals the left side of our line. If Free can play decent with Costa we can be serviceable.I feel we will run more as far as Murray says on the field. Sometimes the offensive line makes the running back better and sometimes the running back makes the offensive line look better.

We will see how things play out during training camp and see how they start working together come preseason.
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