Scout report: Eagles Vs. Cowboys

Where do we start...

If I was a coach (which I am, not nor will I ever will be) coaching takes time away from you families and that something I am NOT into. But If I was a coach, I don't think I would tell our team that every time we take the field a key starting player particularly on defense leaves the game an is put on the IR list Monday morning. Were better than that, Jason Garrett is better that that and I damn sure know Rob Ryan is better than that. So lets get down to business.

The way I see it:

Let's cut to the chase we face an Eagles team that, like us has injuries left and right. However unlike them we have something to play for. The only thing we need to keep in our minds is that 3 or 4 short weeks ago we took this team down. We destroyed there will and we have to do it again.

"Reliable players" this is not meant as a diss to anyone on the active 46 tonight, but we don't know exactly what we shall see.


Tony Romo - Week by week analyst, naysayers and sometimes even my myself have said no mistakes. We tried that it got us to 5-6. It's your team dust off one of those old Brett farve t-shirts you used to wear under your pads at Eastern Illinois U. and get TRIGGER HAPPY. We have nothing to lose.

Anthony Spencer - Yeah I said if you don't know Spencer got a promotion at halftime during that turkey day game: click here for the full story.


Dez Bryant - Way back when in July or August of 10' there was a certain speech made to you by a particular important person in the the Dallas Cowboys organization, that conversation explained the history of the number you wear. (88) Remember that speech.

Keys to the game:

1. Defense wins games.
2. Defense wins games in December.
3. Defense wins January.

Big thanks to our friends at The Boys are Back for holding the fort down this week.

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