Cowboys' Player Nicknames

Some folks have been asking when I say spider-man or Ginger Jay who am I referring to, here is a list of players nicknames we use a

Spider-man - Dez Bryant, cuz he catches everything.

War horse - DeMarco Murray

The mad rabbit/ the big paw - Demarcus Ware you ever seen the way the top of his chin strap turns up like bunny ears. I have no idea where I got the big paw from.

Yung swarm/ young swarm - front seven, most importantly Sean Lee, Bruce Carter,Jay Ratliff,Jason Hatcher, Anthony Spencer. You ever see them gang tackle and you'll get the meaning. I was told Robbie Ryan liked this name who knows if that's true.

Robbie Ryan - Rob Ryan (defensive coordinator)

Ginger Jay - Jason Garrett (Head Coach)
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