Scout Report: Steelers Vs. Cowboys

Resting in your own bed, Seeing your girlfriend/wife or kids (whichever you may have) and having 100,00 + fans cheering you on. These are the advantages most team get by being at home. It is an advantage we need to be able to harness while being at home, all that plus the bright light atmosphere which is Cowboys stadium.

When teams come in here we need them to be glazed at the scenery which is Cowboys Stadium, while we hang up a 30 bird on them, THIS is what made Texas Stadium and that's what will make Cowboys Stadium.

The Way I see it:

The Steelers want to play drag em' out, knock em down and a very slow 4 quarters of football. Ginger Jay wants to feel them out, run the ball and take calculated strike football. Which that being said we can play Pittsburgh game and be better at it.

We have to win the battle of the trenches on offence and not only do we need to run the ball, we have to run the ball with both Murray and Jones, while still getting Murray is 20 + touches, also use Jones' on check-downs because Pittsburgh will play the line close. Having Jones catching 5 and 7+ yard check-downs will make Pittsburgh back up those LB's.

Dez IS playing and he will be a factor however we need another receiver to get 100 + yards Austin, Ogletree, Beasley or Witten (this means you).

I have figured out our defense and its sad it took me so long to figure it out. We are a "bend but don't break" defense and everyone in our locker room knows that and as long as we do what Robbie Ryan tells us to do we will be fine. Big Ben is still not 100 percent healthy, the Yung Swarm needs to HIT HIM or have knockdowns (to be politically correct)on every play. Spencer and Ware needs to keep there hands in his face while having Sims and the front 3 chase him down or contain.

Gerald Sensabaugh's efforts have not gone unnoticed as long as he directs traffic for the back 4 and they listen to him and stay on one page we can contain their Wide-outs and wait for Big Ben to throw those erratic balls and take advantage.

Keys to the game:

1. CREATE the turnover.
2. 7 Total penalties.
3. Have special teams give us better spots, while not trying to do to much.

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