Cowboys ready for '70-year-old grandma' to yell at them, Jerry Jones on Sunday

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In a lot of stadiums, Jerry Jones likes to interact with fans, of the Dallas Cowboys or otherwise, before games.
In Philadelphia one year he playfully offered a fan the chance to check out a Super Bowl ring, only to pull it away much to the delight of those around him.
Sunday at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Jones might not be greeted so kindly considering the part he played in the relocation of the Raiders to Las Vegas. Jones’ welcoming won’t be the only thing to pay attention to.
“Those fans are ... I think it's good for the game of football to go experience that on the road,” tight end Jason Witten said. “There’s nothing like seeing a 70-year-old grandma yelling and screaming at you when you get off the bus. They support them, and it's a tough environment to play.”
The Black Hole is legendary for its characters, and while the Raiders have not had much on-field success in the past decade, the stadium remains an intimidating place to play.
Alfred Morris has played there once before with the Washington Redskins. He said the atmosphere is like a college game with the fans doing their homework on players, knowing just what to say to get under their skin.
In his second year, he ran for 71 yards on 16 carries before getting knocked from the game with bruised ribs.
"I was coming back, and they said, ‘Yeah, Morris you suck, you're afraid to finish the game,’” Morris said. “And I'm like 'Uh no, that's not the case, but that's cool though.’”
Benson Mayowa spent two seasons playing for the Raiders before signing with the Cowboys as a restricted free agent in 2016. He said he has never felt an experience like when the Raiders played their Bay Area neighbors, the San Francisco 49ers, in 2014, a 24-13 Oakland win.
“It was almost like it was the fans versus the other fans,” Mayowa said. “The Black Hole, they go pretty crazy out there. They go crazy.”
But prime-time games seem to make things a little crazier and a little better for the Raiders. They have won six straight games in prime time.
The Cowboys have not won a regular-season game in Oakland since 1995, but they have only played there twice since, losing in 2001 and 2005. Only Witten and L.P. Ladouceur remain with the Cowboys since the 19-13 loss.
“It’s really an iconic place to play,” coach Jason Garrett said. “So many great players and coaches and teams have played there through the years, and so many great games. We’ve been there a number of times through the years and it’s always a fun environment to go into.”
Cowboys ready for '70-year-old grandma' to yell at them, Jerry Jones on Sunday Cowboys ready for '70-year-old grandma' to yell at them, Jerry Jones on Sunday Reviewed by Tzuki on 8:00:00 PM Rating: 5

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