Wilcox wants to make impact

J.J. Wilcox had only five tackles against the Houston Texans, but it was one of the better games he's played with the Dallas Cowboys.

He was aggressive making tackles near the line of scrimmage against the run, and he played well in the secondary, keeping receivers in front of him and making forceful tackles when they caught the ball.

Wilcox didn't start playing safety until his senior year at Georgia Southern, so clearly he's still learning the nuances of the game. That's a lot to ask at the NFL level.

Although it's his first season as a full-time starter, Wilcox said he needs to play better.

"Tick, tick, tick, the clock is moving. It's time," Wilcox said. "I need to be more of an impact player and make more plays. I'm learning, but this is the NFL. You have to make plays,"

Jason Garrett has always liked Wilcox's physical play and his approach to his craft. He's also seen Wilcox struggle, at times, in coverage.

Against Houston, Garrett said Wilcox played with more confidence.

"He did some really good things in the game. He showed up," Garrett said. "I thought he was physical. He was active in space and playing downhill in the run game. He was just around the ball a lot. I thought you felt his presence."

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