Jason Garrett doesn't change who he is

The way Jason Garrett acted on Wednesday with reporters, you would think quarterback Tony Romo had the flu or something.

Garrett had the same demeanor he always has when it comes to one of his players being injured: It's a day-to-day process and don't panic. Romo has a bruised back and it's not related to the herniated disc surgery he encountered last season.

Sure it was scary watching the franchise quarterback lay on the ground at AT&T Stadium on Monday night after taking a knee to the lower back. But Romo slowly walked to the locker room and returned to finish the game.

His long-term health will be something to talk about another day. In the present, Garrett has to get his team ready for the blitz-happy Arizona Cardinals during a short week.

There's an expectation Romo will play against the Cardinals based on his pain tolerance level and a team source said a CT scan revealed no structural or organ damage.

"I don’t want to get into any specifics of the scan other than it’s a day-by-day thing with Tony," Garrett said. "We’ll see how he handles the pain and we’ll see how functional he is as the week goes on to see what his availability is for this ballgame."

Romo just needs to rehab, study the game plan and maybe practice once this week.

Sounds simple.

To Garrett it is.

When asked if Romo has a bruised back, Garrett said, "It came from physical contact. Yes."

If Garrett is worried about Romo, he's not showing it. Why would he?

That's not his style.

"Again, this is a day-by-day thing," Garrett said. "Proclamations about the game right now I don’t think are in anybody’s best interest. The biggest thing for us to do is Tony, like with any injured player we have, get treatment, see how you feel, how you feel based on the work that you do, the rehab you have and wake up the next morning and how are you doing, what can we do today? We do that with every player on our team."

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