The Breakdown: Cowboys Vs. Rams

Normally I hate playing in St. Louis, that dome is a death trap and a set up. I can recall in 2008 when the winless Rams beat a 4-1 Redskins and a 4-2 Cowboy team in back to back weeks. That Rams team only scored 2 wins that entire season. Those 2 wins where almost the sheer definition of the term "Trap Game".

Dallas and Washington, although neither of those teams made the playoffs that year. They both finished with .500+ records or above. That was the last time Dallas went into St. Louis. Although I am a big fan of NFL history there is one point of history with Dallas versus St. Louis. I have yet to mention. That was BM, Before Murray.

Luckily this week Dallas has a few things going for them to help in the Cowboys/ Rams match up. DeMarco Murray is one. We all know and remember that Murray's low rushing attempt (regualr season) versus the Rams is 175 yards. On paper this Rams defense is loaded. Even with the loss of Chris Long, this Rams team still has Robert Quinn, James Laurinaitis, Alec Olgletree and one of the best defensive players in this 2014 draft Aaron Donald. Those players (with the exception of Donald) played in the last meeting of these two teams. With that said;

Put an X on Em'

Put an X on DeMarco Murray. It would be crazy for me to go with anyone else. Last year when Murray gashed the Rams for 175 yards, before he was taken out. One of the commentators said why can't Dallas just play the Rams every week. Well we can't play St. Louis every week but we can face them once a year (depending on standings). This will be Murray's feasting day as in the past. The Rams have the 29th ranked rushing defense. The other reason why I feel that Murray will have another big game is that it I believe that this team will have a commitment to the run. Well a commitment to the run in non-divisional games. I hope I am wrong but I feel when Dallas gets into divisional games this commitment to the run will disappear.

Keys to the Game:

1, Pressure whoever the hell the Rams start at quarterback. Jeff Fisher is playing the old wiley coach jedi mind trick of not telling us who is starting under center. There is a inside feeling that Austin Davis will get the nod as Shaun Hill is still not ready. I don't care if they convince Kurt Warner to throw away his HOF eligibility and come back. The Cowboys defense need to pressure whoever the Rams give the helmet with the green sticker to. With Scandrick coming back it will not leave Carr and Claiborne to fend for themselves against a strong blitz. With Scandrick coming back it is still unknown what his role will be in this first game back. I expect him to get reps, possibly involved in a blitz package or two. Putting Scandrick as a starting corner and forcing Claiborne to play nickle was a good option late last season. It is just too early to tell if Scandrick is ready to take on the load missing two weeks of football.

2. Win in the trenches. There are going to be some excellent matchups up front during this Cowboys/Rams game. Tyron Smith versus Robert Quinn. Mincy versus Long and Zack Martin vs Brockers. In order for the Cowboys to be effective at the first key to the game and Murray having a good game these match ups are important to Dallas in this game.

3.  Witten and Beasley catching fire. With the same reason I had Witten coming up big against the Titian's in last weeks Breakdown. I fully expect Witten to have a better game. Obviously the Titian's never had to worry about Witten as they let Murray run wild on them. The Rams have seen the DeMarco Murray movie before and they don't like the way it ends. St. Louis will have to load the box unless they are fine with getting embarrassed. This will leave Witten in favorable match ups. In the off chance that St. Louis doesn't load the box and plays soft, worrying what DezAtron may do. It will leave the one man open that is almost uncoverable on third down; Cole Beasley. I don't expect both of these players to have a good game. The likely choice is Witten but on short yardage I see Bealey converting at least 3 third downs. On passing red zone opportunities I see Witten catching a touchdown or two.

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