The Aftermath: Cowboys vs. Rams

Yes the Cowboys has tied/broke their largest comeback win. Depending if you count overtime games or not. They did it by sticking to the run. They did it by coming up big on defense. They did it against a 3rd string quarterback and the St. Louis Rams.

Nothing has changed and I still have no faith in this team. Am I happy we got a win, yes. That's as far as the Cowboys party goes. This defense has dropped to around the 20th ranked defense (between total yards and passing) 15th in rushing. This defense has 3 total sacks through 3 games. 4 interceptions and 1 fumble recovery. Now it seems like the ghost of 2013 is coming back. Injuries. Things are not looking good for Coleman, McClain (both) and Melton. They have done little to nothing in practices and don't seem to be in a position to play Sunday.

But I am supposed to be talking about the Rams game right? Ok for starters this offensive line is still not impressing me. Yes the Rams have a good front four. The commitment to stopping Murray was seen from the first play. While on the topic of Murray. It seems that he is having the same issue that Dez Bryant had (last season) during a 2 game stretch in back to back games facing New York and Oakland. DeMarcos issue is that this has been 3 games and DeMarco holding on to the ball is key to any running backs success. Bryant's issue is that he was trying to extent plays.

Anthony Hitches is the one instead of DeMarcus Lawrence that is having a rookie impact on this team. He may need to keep this up depending on Rolando McClain's status.

When as the last time you said that Morris Claiborne steals the game with an INT? The answer may be never but you were able to say it Sunday. Claiborne did grab all the media attention this week. Not because of that interception, but I do hope that the feeling he felt on Tuesday turns into anger, that anger turns into good coverage whenever he hits the field versus New Orleans. Just because Claiborne received a demotion it's not like we won't see him on the field on the first drive because New Orleans is going to do what New Orleans does. Stretch the field, use a lot of wide receivers and make the most of a primetime game against the Cowboys.
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