Scouting Report: New DE Crawford Can Play Right End

Games Studied: Dallas ’13, Minnesota Preseason ’14, Combined Practices Dallas – Oakland ‘14

Physically looks more like a defensive tackle than an end. He has some a square build and is thick in the upper and lower body.

Plays with an initial burst and quickness. Can accelerate off the line. Good foot quickness. Gets into the blocker quickly.

Shows the ability to explode off the ball and strike with some snap. Can easily control his man. Does a really nice job of playing with his hands. Very good contact balance. Wasn’t knocked off his feet when facing a double team. Plays with power at the point.

High effort and motor player. Relentless in the way he attacked his man. Plays with outstanding stamina and desire. Worked hard to fight blocks and get to the ball.

Showed the ability to key and diagnose the play. Was not fooled with play action or when influenced by a pulling blocker.

Very active when he was playing against the run. Was tough to handle on the move when he was one-on-one. He’s not the type of player that is going to kill grass by standing around – he’s always going to try and make something happen. Held up well against double teams. Fights blocks.

Does a nice job of playing into and off blocks. Was impressed with his ability to use his hands. You will see him break down blockers this way. Likes to swat and swim or swat and rip. I have seen him take his hands and put them in the middle of the blocker’s chest and just bull rush for pressure.

 Has played on both at left and right defensive end in his career, so he has that flexibility. I could see him getting an opportunity to play on the right side in this scheme because of his quickness. I think this guy could develop as a pass rusher on that side.
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