Cowboys like what they’re seeing from Michael Sam

Unlike the preseason when he was with the Rams, there’s no visual evidence to interpret on Cowboys practice squad defensive end Michael Sam.

But Cowboys defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli said he’s seen progress already in the two weeks Sam’s been on hand.

“He’s done some good things,” Marinelli said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “The only thing he really gets is some of our individual periods and then he gets some one-on-one rushes on Wednesday, and I think he’s gotten a little bit better.

“But it’s tougher for a practice squad guy because these other guys here, they’re pounding with all week long in terms of fundamentals and game-planning and those things. So it’s a little tougher, but he’s got movement. I like his quickness and his instincts. He’s got really good work habits, so just keep working to develop him.”

Being out of the spotlight and working on his game is a new experience, as his every move was watched during his time with the Rams. But Cowboys defensive end Jeremy Mincey came up the practice squad route himself, and he knows it can help.

“He’s doing a good job,” Mincey said of Sam. “He works hard. He does what you ask of him and that’s all you can do in this league. . . .

“He’s won a lot of rushes. He’s doing a good job. He’s got a lot to learn and that comes with experience. I was just like him, a young guy on the practice squad, so it’s a good developmental phase for him to get better.”

Given the current state of the Cowboys defense, any able body might help them, so it’s reasonable to think Sam’s going to get his chance to be the league’s first openly gay player at some point this season.

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