Brandon Carr's mother passes away

Kathy Robinson Carr, the mother of Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr passed away Wednesday morning after a bout with cancer.

Carr has been with his family in Flint, Michigan, since training camp began. Coach Jason Garrett said Carr could rejoin the team in a few days, but the Cowboys will be as patient as needed while Carr deals with his grief.

“She apparently is a very, very strong lady because she’s been fighting that for at least a couple of years and Brandon has done a great job being supportive of her and his family and still focusing on what he needs to focus on,” Garrett said. “That’s why he didn’t come out to training camp right from the start. Everyone felt like it was close to that time, so he’s been spending time with his family.”

Last year, the father of cornerback Morris Claiborne passed away during the season and the mother of safety J.J. Wilcox passed away in training camp. Wilcox said he appreciated the support from the organization and teammates during his process.

“It helps out a lot,” Wilcox said. “You don’t understand it until you’re gone and you think the guys forgot about you. But it definitely helps a part of you not overcome it but by taking it day by day and understanding that the guys still love you and you’re still on their mind.”

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